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08/26/2020 Notice To Lot Owners
Of Payment For Lot Repairs

For those of you who have owned property in Boulder Oaks Community Association for some time, you are probably aware that in the past, lot owners have not been charged for repairs for irrigation problems that were the result of an issue with the system that was originally installed when our resort was developed. However, it was recently brought to the Board’s attention that per our CC&Rs, this policy should be discontinued as these expenses for repairs are the responsibility of the individual lot owner to pay and should not be paid from the Association’s operational or reserve funds.


The following is a statement from Article II, PROPERTY AND PROPERTY RIGHTS, Section 2.02 (e), page 6, of the CC&Rs:


“Maintenance Obligation of Owners. It shall be the duty of each Owner at its sole cost and expense, subject to the provisions of this Declaration requiring approval of the Architectural and Landscape Committee, to maintain, repair, replace, restore (including any maintenance, repairs, replacement or restoration required or otherwise) all Recreational Vehicles, Improvements and landscaping located on its Lot and the Lot itself in a neat, sanitary and attractive condition and in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Association. If any Owner shall permit any Recreational Vehicles, improvements or the Lot to fall into disrepair or to become unsafe, unsightly or unattractive or otherwise violates this Declaration, the Association shall have the right to seek any remedies at law or in equity it may have. In addition, the Board shall have the right, but not the duty, if such unacceptable maintenance is not corrected within thirty (30) days of written notice from the Association (or such longer period if reasonably necessary under the circumstances provided the owner is diligently performing such maintenance or repairs), to enter upon such Owner’s Lot and make such repairs and perform such maintenance and charge the costs thereof to Owner. Such Costs shall be enforced, including penalty fees and costs, as an Assessment on the Lot pursuant to Article V hereof.”


Although this section of the CC&Rs has not been enforced in the past, going forward, any repairs for irrigation systems on an individual owner’s lot, whether the system was installed by the resort’s developer or anyone else, will be the responsibility of the lot owner to pay and not the Association.


Thank you for your understanding.


BOCA’s Board of Directors

Resident Notifications




On August 19, 2020 the Planning Commission recommended approval of BOCA’s text amendment application, AM-20-350.  As previously advised, ordinances require two City Council meetings: the first for introduction of the bill (no discussion), and the second for the public hearing.  The following is the meeting schedule for this amendment:

  • Tuesday 09/22 City Council introduction of bill for text amendment (no discussion)

  • Tuesday 10/13 City Council public hearing (7 p.m.) 


IF the City Council approves the zoning text amendment on 10/13/2020, BOCA’s rezoning application (ordinance AM-20-351) to the new (Recreational Vehicle Estate) RVE zone, meetings are tentatively scheduled as follows:


  • Wednesday 11/18 Planning Commission public hearing (6 p.m.)

  • Tuesday 11/24 City Council introduction of bill for rezoning (no discussion)

  • Tuesday 12/08 City Council for public hearing (7 p.m.)

IF the text amendment is approved and prior to the hearing for the rezoning application, ALL of the lot owners in our resort will receive a public hearing notice from the City, and one or more large signs will be posted at the park to meet State noticing requirements.

If you have questions regarding the above or would like a copy of the proposed draft rezoning amendment, please contact the Association’s on-site office - phone number: 702-293-7712 \ Email services@boulderoaksca.com

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