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January 2021 President's Message

Happy New Year!


Now that 2020 is behind us, many are hoping 2021 will be a much better year and that the pandemic will soon be gone. For the majority of Americans, last year was very stressful in so many ways but we continue to persevere and look forward to overcoming the challenges that will come along in 2021.


As you know, your board dealt with many unexpected challenges in 2020 but we met them head on and will continue to do the same for our community throughout this coming year.  Although a few members consistently voice their disapproval of actions taken by the board, we greatly appreciate the approval and support of the majority of our owners/residents. They understand that it is the goal of BOCA’s board to manage the business affairs of our community in a professional manner that benefits the majority of owners and residents.


One of the challenges that your board and residents have struggled with for several months is how to eliminate the misuse of the dumpsters by a few residents. It has gotten so bad that this past week a notice was placed in the mailboxes which discussed the issues. For those of you who participate in board meetings, you are aware that there are residents who consistently create unsightly and unsanitary conditions in/around the dumpsters. They are very inconsiderate of their neighbors and no matter what the board or other residents say, the problem has gotten worse instead of better. On more than one occasion, the board has looked into adding more weekly pickup days but the cost is an additional $1,000 per month. For a short time, we increased the service and it ended up that we were paying over $3,000 per month to have half-filled dumpsters emptied, so the extra service was cancelled. We then considered adding another dumpster but we have no place to put it plus it would cost an additional $300 - $400 per month. Therefore, we are asking, once again, that the residents who violate the dumpster rules be considerate of their neighbors and properly dispose of their trash without creating unsightly and unsanitary conditions. For those who do not violate the dumpster rules, thank you!


Unfortunately, there is one other ongoing issue that residents have complained about on numerous occasions. When driving through our resort, remember to obey the 10 MPH speed limit. There are those who are guilty of traveling much faster when driving their vehicle, golf cart, motorcycle, bicycle, or other vehicle on our streets. Fortunately we have had no accidents but this is a safety hazard that definitely needs to be eliminated before someone gets hurt. Also, minor children are not permitted to operate a golf cart anywhere throughout our resort. Only those who have a driver’s license may drive a golf cart. Thanks for your adherence to these policies and for doing your part to make our community a safe place for all residents and guests.


You are aware that after only three months, Terra West is no longer the Association’s management company. Soon after going with Terra West, unforeseen issues came to light and it was determined that Terra West and BOCA were not a good fit. Just like many community management companies, Terra West had no experience in managing and HOA for an RV resort. That is why the board selected FCCMI, one of the Association’s previous community management companies, as Terra West’s replacement. Although we are again experiencing transition issues, your board is working to correct these as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience during this process.


Lastly, sometime within the next week or so, members will receive documents regarding the board election in March. If you feel you have the qualifications, business experience and management expertise and are willing to volunteer your time to play an integral role in managing the day to day operations of our HOA, please consider running for one of three upcoming board vacancies that will be filled in March. Bernie Schultz and Julie Wood’s 2-year term will run through March 2022.


Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2021!

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Board Of Directors Meeting

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Date: Thursday, March 25, 2021

Time: 6:00pm

Place: BOCA Clubhouse


Executive Session: 5pm (Closed)

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1010 Industrial Road, Boulder City, NV 89005
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Resort Association Office:

Boulder Oaks Community Association (BOCA)
1010 Industrial Road
Boulder City, NV 89005
702-293-7712 Office
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Office hours 8am to 1pm Mon. Wed. & Fri.

BOD Members: Nancy Hoffman (Pres), Julie Wood (Tres), Bernie Schultz (Secr), Don Markel (Dir), Tom Nitschke (Appointed)


Mgmt. Co: FCCMI (First Columbia Community Managers) Community Manager: Christen Galla
3100 W. Sahara Ave. Ste 203
Las Vegas, NV  89102
Phone (702) 365-6720  |  Fax (702) 365-6761

(Also available 24/7 after hours for emergencies.)

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