July 2020 President's Message
(Concerning Proposed BOCA Rezoning Change To RV Estates)

Nancy Hoffman

This message is devoted to advising members of a proposed Boulder City rezoning text amendment to change BOCA from an RV park to RV Estates. The following explains the issues and how this change will benefit BOCA owners.


When Boulder Oaks Community Association was established as a private recreational vehicle resort in 1995, the City allowed the developers of the Association to develop 275 individual RV lots to be sold as deeded parcels to respective owners. In addition, the City required the resort be placed in the “RV” Recreational Vehicle Zone (Chapter 11-8), even though the development is not (and never was), a typical RV park where all of the property is owned by one individual/entity. Since Boulder Oaks Community Association is in the “RV” Recreational Vehicle Zone, deeded property owners are prohibited from making certain lot improvements to increase property values as well as enhance the quality of life for residents of the resort. Since 2007 attorneys for BOCA have sent letters to the City requesting our resort be removed from this zone, however no action was taken so no changes were ever made. 


Even though certain non-allowed structures (such as sheds), have been placed on lots for several years, the Board of Directors decided that action needed to be taken to amend the Zone to allow for sheds as well as other structures. As you recall, a few months ago owners were advised that the Board had filed an application with Boulder City to amend sections of Chapter 11-8, “RV” Recreational Vehicle Zone to allow owners to have sheds, pergolas, gazebos, outdoor barbecue pits, cooking stations, seating areas, decks and other similar features constructed on their lot. The application was heard at a public hearing in February and approved in the Planning Commission meeting. However it failed to be brought up for a vote in the City Council meeting held in May. Council members felt that allowing these structures would no longer make BOCA (and the other RV parks in the Zone), a RV park as the Zone was originally developed for short term living.


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