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October 2020 President's Message
Nancy Hoffman

October is here and it’s beginning to look and feel a lot like fall in Boulder City. No more sweltering daily 100+ degree temps! It was a very hot summer (with no rain), so BOCA residents who stayed here during the summer have been anxiously awaiting the return of fall.


I’m sorry I never got around to writing my President’s Message last month. I, along with the rest of the Board members, were busy making the transition from CAMCO to Terra West. Changing BOCA’s management company required much communication between your Board and Terra West personnel but I’m glad to say, the transition is going very well. Owners will soon be receiving a Welcome Packet from Terra West. Be sure to read all information included in the packet and don’t forget to complete any forms you are asked to complete and return to Terra West.


In addition to the Welcome Packet, you will receive a billing statement. As you are aware, no statements were mailed the end of September because billing was in the process of being transferred from CAMCO to Terra West. This is the reason for the delay in receiving your statement. However, Terra West is ready to send statements and owners should be receiving them sometime this coming week. These statements will include August’s electric usage and October’s maintenance fee. If you rent a storage space, you will also be billed for October’s rental.


Around October 25th, owners will be sent another billing statement. This will include September’s electric usage and November’s maintenance fee and where applicable, November’s storage space rental fee. This second bill will get our schedule back to where we’ve been accustomed to receiving our bills and so future statements will be mailed around the 25th of every month.


With the change to Terra West, BOCA now has a new Community Manager, Paul Cluver. Members who attended the Board meeting on 10/8/2020 had the opportunity to meet Paul. He is a former Boulder City resident so he is very familiar with our city. His parents have been residents for 30 years. Paul has 10 years of community management experience. The Board is happy to have Paul as our community manager and look forward to working with him. 


One other thing, many residents were excited and hopeful that the City Council would approve the proposed rezoning text amendment so that our resort could move forward with being rezoned as RV Estate. As many of you know, BOCA is not a true RV park and it should never have been labeled as such when it was developed in 1995.


Unfortunately, in the City Council’s meeting on September 22nd, Council members removed the item from the Agenda with no discussion or explanation, even though the City’s Planning Department staff played a major role in drafting the rezoning amendment. So for now, the rezoning process has been stalled. The Board is currently researching our options and are hopeful that the City Council will place the Introduction of this bill on a future meeting agenda.


Lastly, the Board needs your help. We have a few residents that dispose of their garbage and other unwanted items by placing them beside dumpsters. Bags of trash that are not thrown into the dumpster presents an attractive nuisance as well as dinner for rodents such as mice and rats. Residents have been complaining about the rat problem at the dumpsters and have accused the Board of not doing anything about it.


In addition, items such as furniture, large TVs and even an RV refrigerator have recently been placed in or by the dumpsters. The trash service employees are not responsible for removing these items from our resort and they have started refusing to pick up large items and/or anything that is not placed in a dumpster. As you know, BOCA’s dumpsters are there for residents to use to dispose of their garbage. Any large items including household furniture and appliances, should be disposed of at the City dump which is approximately 3 miles away. Residents are not charged when bringing items to the dump.


Unfortunately, if a few residents continue to improperly dispose of their trash, the Board will have no choice but to increase maintenance fees to cover the costs of adding additional days for dumpsters to be emptied. That being said, I thank all of you who properly dispose of your trash and am asking those who don’t to please be a good neighbor and do the right thing for the health and safety of everyone in our community. BOCA is a beautiful resort and if everyone does their part, it will stay that way.

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