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December 2020 President's Message
Nancy Hoffman

Season’s Greetings! I can’t believe we’ll soon be celebrating the end of 2020 and looking forward to hopefully, a much better 2021. This year has definitely been very challenging but I have faith that much of the craziness we’ve experienced will gradually go away and we will be able to bring some normalcy back to our lives.


As we enter the busy holiday season, Faye has asked me to remind everyone that she will be dealing with a very large amount of packages in the mail room through the month of December. Unfortunately there is limited storage space and therefore she is asking everyone to pick up their packages as soon as possible after they arrive. Faye is sure to be overwhelmed by all of the extra holiday mail and package shipments, so please be considerate of her and her storage limitations by picking up your mail and packages so she does not have to carry them back and forth to the locked storage area in the clubhouse each day after her work shift.  


By now you have received notification that Association maintenance fees will be going up $20 on January 1, 2021. I know you, like your five Board members, are not happy about this increase but after your Board carefully reviewed our budget for next year, we agreed that we had no choice but to make this unpopular increase. For those of you who have owned a lot in the resort a few years, you may remember when the restrooms and laundry facilities were renovated approximately 3 years ago. This was a very costly project as these renovations exceeded $225,000. Prior to this, BOCA’s reserve fund was in very good shape however, this is no longer the case. Because of this large reserve expenditure and our inability to increase the reserves back to an acceptable level (based on the recent reserve study), the Board had no choice but to increase maintenance fees to $185 per month. Although there will always be reserve expenditures each year, with this increase, we should still see the reserves steadily increase to where they should be as per the 2020 reserve study.


As you know, on October 1, 2020, TerraWest became BOCA’s community management company. Your Board signed a 1-year contract with TerraWest and board members as well as the transition team at TerraWest, were confident there would be no issues with transitioning from CAMCO to TerraWest. Initially things went very well but soon after 10/1/20, both TerraWest and your board realized that there were issues that could not be resolved. The main one had to do with monthly membership billings and payments. Owners started complaining to Board members and to TerraWest that they were unhappy that automatic maintenance fees and electric usage payment withdrawals from their bank account were no longer available. TerraWest’s system only allows maintenance fees to be deducted monthly. Members were required to pay the electric separately. Members complained that both FCCMI and CAMCO had the ability to do this and voiced their discontent that TerraWest was unable to provide this same service. Your Board felt this was very important to members so they made the decision to go back to FCCMI as they had provided this service in the past and assured us that they would be able to provide it again.


By the way, members have been asking where they are to send their monthly payment. Charges on your current bill that went out around the 25th of November, should go to TerraWest. Next month your bill will come from FCCMI and that is when you will start sending payments to FCCMI. You will be hearing more about this later in the month.


Unfortunately, managing a HOA for an RV resort is much different than managing a HOA in a housing subdivision. There are very few management companies in our area that have managed RV HOA’s and therefore, do not understand many of the issues the Association/Board members deal with on a daily basis. TerraWest has a large book of business but they have never managed a HOA for a RV resort. Up until the Association switched to CAMCO in 2017, FCCMI had been BOCA’s management company for many years. That is why the Board decided to go back to FCCMI as we know that they understand our issues and challenges.  


For those of you who attended the Board meeting (via teleconference) on 11/19/20, I apologize for an incorrect statement that was made when a member asked if the Association has any pending lawsuits. They were advised that we did not however this is not correct. Although I am able to provide only limited information to Association members, but in October the Association received notice of a lawsuit that was filed with the District Court in Clark County, Nevada. The named Plaintiff is Maribel Fex and the Defendants are Boulder Oaks Community Association; DOE Resident I; DOE Resident II; DOES I through X, inclusive; ROE Corporations XI through XX, inclusive. The Association’s insurance company is handling this lawsuit as they provide coverage for the Association.


Lastly, in these challenging times, always remember to “Be Happy. Enjoy every moment of your life. Life is too short to waste on grudges. Laugh when you can, apologize when you should and let go of what you can’t change.” (Author Unknown)


Have a very Happy and Blessed Holiday Season!

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