MAY 2020


Nancy Hoffman

According to the weather forecast, summer has arrived early in Boulder City. With temps in the upper 80s, 90s and even 100 degrees, it’s hard to dispute that we’re going to have a very short spring as we quickly transition into summer. I was hoping the temps would hold in the 70s for a while longer but that appears to be only wishful thinking. However, if the scientists are correct, Covid-19 does not like heat so maybe that will help to take control of this horrible disease. If that’s the case, I’ll gladly take the heat over the virus.

Speaking of Covid-19, all of us are affected by the shutdown in some way. We’ve all been told to stay at home unless we need to go out to shop for food or other essential items. We can’t go out to eat at our favorite restaurants nor can we do a little gambling at casinos. I haven’t talked to anyone who is happy about the shutdown but we understand the reason for it and I trust all of you are abiding by the governor’s orders and are staying safe. Many residents have voiced discontent that the Social Committee has not been able to sponsor any events for several weeks. Rest assured that this will definitely change as soon as we get the OK from our governor. So be patient, lots of events will be scheduled once the state opens up again.

As you know, the shutdown has affected how your Board conducts meetings. Fortunately we live in a high-tech world where we were able to conduct our annual election meeting via teleconference on April 20, 2020. Prior to the meeting, CAMCO received 125 votes to fill two vacant Board positions. The results of the election were announced after all ballots were counted. Congratulations to Julie Wood and Marina “Bernie” Schultz and welcome to the Boulder Oaks Community Association’s Board of Directors!


At the Organizational meeting (that was also held soon after the election), the Board elected officer as follows: President, Nancy Hoffman; Vice President, Al Yates; Secretary, “Bernie” Schultz; Treasurer, Julie Wood; Director, Don Markel. We all look forward to doing everything we can to effectively manage the Association’s business, continue to upgrade the quality of life for residents as well as maintain the overall aesthetics and beauty of the resort while striving to maintain/reduce expenses whenever possible.

However, there is one issue that the Board is asking for all resident to help resolve. At previous Board meetings, there have been discussions regarding “dumpster etiquette.” Unfortunately, I must mention this again as there are still some residents who choose to place large personal items in the bins (such as sofas, other furniture items, etc.). Residents have complained that the dumpsters are often full of items that should have been taken to the city dump and not disposed of in our dumpsters. For those who may be unaware, the city does not charge for the disposal of large personal items when they are taken to the dump site. The Board is asking everyone to please be courteous to others and not place large items in the dumpster. Also, please place all trash bags and other small items inside the dumpster and not place anything on the ground beside the dumpster as those items can attract rodents and other unwelcome varmints. Thanks so much for doing your part to resolve our dumpster issues.

During these challenging times, try to constantly focus on the following quote by John Wooden. “Things work out best for those who make the best of how things work out.”

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