MARCH 2021


Nancy Hoffman

As several parts of the country have been faced with water shortages, power outages, frozen water pipes, snowy and icy weather, all I can say is that it’s great to be in Boulder City right now. Although we’ve had some colder than normal temps the last few months, it’s still much better than the winter weather the people in some of the midwestern, southern and eastern states continue to cope with.  Thankfully we’ve only got a few more week of winter and if you’re like me, you’re definitely looking forward to spring. It’s just around the corner!


For those of you who are currently residing in our resort, you are aware that the fitness center and the owner’s lounge continue to remain closed due to the pandemic. Even though the governor lifted some of the state’s restrictions a couple of weeks ago, his actions did not remove the need for communities such as BOCA, to keep these amenities closed because we do not have fulltime staff to provide sanitizing of these areas after each person’s use. Last week the Board discussed the requirements for reopening the fitness center and owner’s lounge with our community management company. FCCMI’s CEO checked with their attorney and based on their advice, the Board agreed they had no choice but to keep these amenities closed a little longer. However, we will revisit this issue after the governor updates the restrictions on March 15th. Your Board is closely monitoring this situation and will open amenities as soon as we believe we can do it safely while complying with the state’s requirements. I know many of us have our own opinions regarding opening amenities but that is immaterial as the only opinion that BOCA must comply with is the governor’s and the Southern Nevada Health Department’s.


During the interim, the pool remains open for residents to use even though the spa must remain closed. As a reminder, for those who are anywhere on the pool deck but are not in the pool, they must wear a mask at all times. This complies with the governor’s mask mandate and the board appreciates everyone following this requirement. Thanks to everyone who has been complying with this mask mandate.


Although you have been made aware of an ongoing problem in our resort, I feel compelled to mention it again. Many of you know that we continue to have a few residents who improperly dispose of items in our dumpsters. Signs have been posted on each dumpster which designate what may/may not be disposed of but there are residents who ignore these signs and place improper items in/around the dumpsters (such as furniture, TVs, refrigerators, building materials, sheds, large quantities of lawn/landscaping clippings, etc.). These items need to be taken to the Boulder City dump. As previously advised, if you need items hauled to the dump and do not have a vehicle to transport them, please contact the Association’s office as we have residents who have volunteered to transport these items for any resident.


Also, no items are supposed to be placed on the ground anywhere around a dumpster. This creates a health hazard as well as it presents an attractive nuisance for rats and other undesirable critters. The trash pick-up personnel are not required to pick up any trash not placed inside the dumpster nor are they required to empty dumpsters that are filled with unacceptable items. Furthermore, it is not the Association’s maintenance person nor any board member’s responsibility to police and clean up the dumpster areas when residents fail to follow the rules. Some residents have commented that adding more dumpsters or adding more pick-up days per week would correct the problem. The Board has checked into these options and found them to be an unnecessary costly expense. In our discussions we have determined that if all residents comply with the dumpster rules, the issue will resolve itself without the Association having to increase their trash removal fees. All we ask is that residents are considerate of their neighbors and properly dispose of their trash. THANKS so much to the majority of residents who take pride and ownership in our resort and do their best to keep our resort environmentally safe and attractive. Your actions are greatly appreciated.


One other issue of concern for our community is the violation of our 10 MPH speed limit. Vehicles and golf carts have been observed going well above the speed limit and this creates a hazardous conditions for residents. For the safety of all residents, PLEASE drive safely and observe the speed limit!


In case you haven’t heard, the good news is that it appears the state’s Covid test positivity rate is going down. If this trend continues, I am hopeful that it won’t be too long before we can look forward to (once again), having community social activities. We have an awesome Social Committee so I know they will be ready to sponsor some great events as soon as we’re allowed. Stay tuned….


Have an awesome March! Don’t forget to turn your clocks ahead one hour on March 14th!

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