August 2020 President's Message

Nancy Hoffman

It’s a typical summer in Boulder City, hot and dry; 100+ degree weather is the norm these days. They’re predicting 110 for the high next Sunday so everyone here is trying their best to stay out of the heat and be indoors as much as possible. Also, it’s technically monsoon season but so far, no rain and none is predicted anytime in the near future.

For those of you who are not in Nevada right now, we’re still dealing with the governor’s Covid-19 directives. The pool and spa remain closed as well as the fitness center and owner’s lounge. People are really missing the pool but we have no choice than to leave it closed until we get the approval to reopen. The board has been advised that the fines for opening without having all of the strict (and costly) guidelines in place can be very steep (in excess of $3,000), so that is why the pool and the other above amenities remain closed. We look forward to the day when we will once again be able to enjoy all of our resort’s amenities. Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.

In case you haven’t heard, effective October 1, 2020, our resort will have a new community management company. At a board meeting on August 4, 2020 the decision was made to hire Terra West Management Services as CAMCO’s replacement. This company has been in business since 1979 and currently manages 232 associations throughout Nevada and Southern Utah. Your Board realizes that changing management companies always creates some short-term member issues but for the long-term, we believe that Terra West will be a very good fit for our Association and we look forward to working with this company. Another benefit is that we expect to see an overall reduction in the monthly management fees as compared to what we currently pay to CAMCO.

Another change that occurred last month was the resignation of Board member, Al Yates. Al was an important member of our Board since he was elected in March 2019. His participation on the Board as well as his service to our community is greatly appreciated. At the July BOD meeting, the Board appointed Tom Nitschke as Al’s replacement. Tom has lived in our resort for approximately six years and has been an owner for over a year. He currently resides in our resort fulltime. Don, Julie, Bernie and I are pleased Tom agreed to accept the challenges that come with being on the Association’s Board and welcome him to our team.

Over the last few weeks there has been many discussions and correspondence regarding the rezoning of BOCA to RV Estate. As previously advised, this is a two phase process and the first phase is scheduled to begin this month. On August 19th at 6:00 p.m. the Rezoning Text Amendment will be heard in the Boulder City Planning Commission meeting. If approved in this meeting, the amendment should then be heard in the September City Council meeting.

If the text amendment is approved by the City Council, then the second phase of the process should begin. It is anticipated that in October, the Rezoning of BOCA to RV Estate will be heard in the Planning Commission meeting. If approved, the final stage of the 2-phase process will require the approval of the City Council at a meeting that should hopefully, occur in November. The majority of BOCA members are excited about the prospect of becoming RV Estate so they are hoping both the Planning Commission and City Council approve the text amendment and once that is done, approve the rezoning of our resort.

Because 2020 has been a year of much frustration and many challenges, it’s often hard to focus on the positives in our lives. But according to the medical experts, for our mental health and well-being, we need to focus on something positive every day. After all, focusing on the negative can make our lives miserable however a few positive thoughts in the morning can change your whole day.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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